Cynthia Lee


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Sweet Hearts

Love can make us monstrous

A lifelong Southerner, Cynthia Lee has always loved Gothic horror (with an especial fondness for Southern Gothic horror).

Years ago, she wrote a horror story as a Halloween present for a friend and she hasn't stopped writing since. In that time, she's written dozens of horror short stories and several gothic horror and dark fantasy novels.

In real life, Cynthia lives in Alabama with her family and a very old cat. She daydreams about owning an old Victorian house (doesn't have to have an atrocious history but that would be nice) and planning tea parties for friends, be they living or dead. 

She loves to hear from readers and can be reached via email at cyncitybloggermail (@) gmailcom.

Free Fiction - Lady Bluebeard

A young writer secures an interview with the legendary Pamela Lane, star of the cult horror film, Lady Bluebeard. There is something else this young man wants from the aging and once-beautiful actress, a ruby heart-shaped locket worn in many of her films. But Pamela Lane is much more than she seems. The boy may find that her heart holds a lot more than he bargained for.

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